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The FCBA technological Institute

Forest – Cellulose – Wood - Furniture

FCBA’s mission is to promote innovation and technical progress, and to participate in improving productivity and guaranteed quality in the industry. The Institute favours an integrated approach and highlighting of synergies in the field. Its distinguishing feature is the range of professions for which it acts: forestry, logging, sawmills, paper pulp, panels, packaging and miscellaneous products, construction wood industries, furniture, gluing, finishing, wood treatment and preservation, energy, etc.


In tune with the technical, economic, regulatory and standards environment of the profession, its objective is to help companies to incorporate innovations, to adapt to the rapid evolution of the markets and to position themselves at the European and global level.

FCBA achieves this objective by providing its know-how, expertise and skills to professionals as part of collective actions: innovation and research, information management and distribution, promotion of the sector, standardisation, development. It is also involved within the framework of private actions: consultancy, technical support, testing, certification, professional training, etc.



Created by FCBA in 2000, the INNOVATHEQUE® is now the number one European resources, watch and advisory centre for innovative processes and materials, dedicated to creative professionals and higher education.






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